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  Metal Finishing Rectifiers  
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EU series Electroplating Rectifiers

For the quality conscious metal finisher, Powercon offers its highly rugged, EU series Rectifiers suitable for installation in Metal Finishing Environments. These rectifiers deliver constant current despite fluctuations in the main supply & plating conditions, thereby achieving metal savings through consistency in plating thickness.
If you are presently using conventional "Autotransformer" type Rectifiers, and would like to upgrade to solid state type, see our document "Advantages of Solid

State Electroplating Rectifiers over Autotransformer type Rectifiers".

  Technical Specifications:

Voltage Range : 5 - 20 VDC (Electroplating), 20 -100 VDC (Anodizing).

Current Range : 200 - 20,000 ADC.

Regulation : within 1% of the rated current despite line / load fluctuations.

Options : Polarity Reversing, Pulse Operation, Current Profile     Programmers.

Cooling : Oil / Air / Water.

  Key Features:

Fully Short Circuit Protected - Zero Diode failure.
Highest Electrical Efficiencies in this class of Equipment.
Solid State Constant Current operation delivers consistent plating thickness, thus saving Metal for the User.
Inbuilt Filter for low Ripple in DC output.
Automation ready - can be hooked to external PLC or plant automation.

Electroplating - Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Chrome, Hard Chrome, Copper, Plating on Plastic, Precious Metals, Electrocleaning.
Printed Circuit Board Industry.
Anodizing, Color Anodizing, Electrocoloring, Hard Anodizing, Pulse Anodizing.
Electroforming, Electro-deburring and other Electrochemical metal finishing processes.
Reel to Reel Plating - Electrogalvanizing, Electrotinning and Electrocleaning in Steel Mills, Small Reel to Reel applications

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Metal Finishing Rectifiers
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