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  Metal Finishing Rectifiers  
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Flex Kraft

Powercon also offers the premium "Flex Kraft" range of switch mode rectifiers from Kraft, Sweden Kraft, with Single output and Dual output options. Flex Kraft Rectifiers are extremely compact, modular and offer the highest efficiency in the class of equipment.

  Technical Specifications:

Voltage Range : 5 - 20 VDC per module (can be stacked in series up to        100 VDC).

Current Range : 200 - 600 ADC per module (can be stacked in parallel      up to 36,000 ADC).

Input Supply : 3 phase, 380 - 480 VAC nominal, 50/60 Hz, 220 VAC     optional.

Power Factor > 0.9 throughout operating range.

Control : From Front Panel Controller / Potentiometer / Analog Signals /      MODBUS / PROFIBUS.

  Key Features:

Extremely Compact size & weight due to Switch Mode Design.
Modularity - Modules can be added in series and parallel at any time to increase voltage / current rating.
Redundancy - If one module fails, the Rectifier can continue operating at a lower current rating.
Product made in Sweden, with CE compliance.
Aesthetically pleasing Product Design.
Large User Base : Kraft has over 24,000 installations of Switch Mode Rectifiers.

Electroplating - Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Chrome, Hard Chrome, Copper, Plating on Plastics, Precious Metals, Electrocleaning.
Printed Circuit Board Industry.
Anodizing, Color Anodizing, Electrocoloring, Hard Anodizing, Pulse Anodizing.
Electroforming, Electro-deburring and other Electrochemical metal finishing processes.
Reel to Reel Plating - Electrogalvanizing, Electrotinning and Electrocleaning in Steel Mills, Small Reel to Reel applications.

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