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  High Current Rectifiers for Electrochemical Application  
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   High Current Rectifiers for Electrochemical Application

Powercon has been supplying rectifiers used is various electrochemical applications such as Hydrogenerator, Chlorination, Water Treatment, Electro winning of metals, Chloro-alkali electrolysis, Polarization Rectifiers, Coating processes, Aluminium, Electro colouring, etc.

Powercon can supply rectifiers in variety of configuration such as :-

6 pulse / 12 pulse / other pulse
air / oil or water cooling.
Primary controlled as secondary controlled
Variety of transformer connnections such as delta / star, extended delta, zig-zag etc.

    Technical Specifications:

Voltage Range : up to 400 VDC.
Current Range : up to 50,000 ADC.
Transformers : Oil Cooled or Dry Type as per IEC 76.
Variety of Transformer Connections (Delta / Star, Zigzag, Extended      Delta, etc) with Optional ON LOAD or OFF LOAD Taps.
 Rectifiers: Water or Air Cooled as per IEC 146, with multipulse     configurations (6, 12, 24 pulse) for reduced Harmonics.
 Options: Polarity Reversing, Pulse Operation, Current Profile      Programmers.
Supply : 220 V - 33 kV AC, 50 / 60 Hz.

    Key Features:

a Designed for High Reliability continuous duty operation with High up-time.
Rectifier Configuration, Controls and Features are supplied as per Application Requirements.
Ready interface with Plant PLC / DCS, suitable for Automatic operation.
Wide range of allowable input voltage variation and ambient conditions.
All routine Tests and Type Tests done prior to despatch.
CE marked Transformer Rectifiers can be supplied for installation in the EU.
Optional Turnkey Contracts taken up including Installation and Supply of DC Busbars, Power Cables (HV / LV), Power Factor and Harmonic Correction Systems, DM Water Cooling Systems.
Professional Engineering Group to handle documentation and approval requirements of Electrochemical Projects.

Chlorine / Hydrogen Generation.
Water Treatment - Desalination & Waste Water Treatment.
Electrolysis - Chlor-Alkali, Permanganate and Chlorate Production.
Electrophoretic Painting.
Electrowinning of Non Ferrous Metals.
Electroheating - Production of Graphite, Polysilicon and DC Arc Furnace Applications.
Cathodic Protection.
Polarization Rectifiers.

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Rectifiers for Electrochemical Process
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