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  Metal Finishing Rectifiers  
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OEM of Automatic Metal Finishing Lines

For the OEM of Automatic Metal finishing lines, Powercon offers its complete range of Metal finishing rectifiers as well as the modular, compact Flex Kraft range from Kraft. In addition, Powercon can be a potential partner to you as a supplier of turnkey Plating Line Electricals including supply and installation of :

DC Busbars from Rectifiers to Plating     tanks.
Input HV / LV cabling.
Powerfactor / Harmonic correction     systems.
Water cooling systems for rectifiers.

Metal Finishing Rectifier

  Technical Specifications:

Ratings from 100 ADC to 45,000 ADC for a variety of Metal Finishing      

Air Cooled, Oil Cooled and Water Cooled Options.

Thyristor and Switch Mode (IGBT) Technologies.

Pulse and Polarity Reversal Options.

In - built Interface for Plant Automation.

High Performance Rectifiers with-holding within 0.5% of setpoint.

Reliability without compromise.

Plating Line Electricals

  Key Features:

Design, Fabrication and Installation of High Current Bus Bars from Rectifiers to Process Tanks.
Copper Flexibles for End connections at Process Tank End.
Installation of Incoming Supply cables for the Rectifiers and Plating Line Electricals.
Sizing and Supply of Control Panel with Breakers for the Entire Metal Finishing Line.
Single Point Electrical Connection for the End User.
Power Quality Solutions.
Rectifier Automation.

Automatic Electroplating Lines for the Engineering Industry (Hard Chrome, Zinc, Copper).
Automatic Plating Lines for the Automotive. Motorcycle and Domestic Appliance Industry (POP, Decorative Nickel Chrome, Hard Chrome).
Automatic Electroplating Lines for the Printed Circuit Board Industry.
Anodizing & Electrocoloring Plants.
Large Reel to Reel Plating Lines – Electrogalvanizing, Electrotinning and Electrocleaning in Steel Mills.
Small Reel to Reel Plating Lines – Connectors, Electronics.

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Metal Finishing Rectifiers
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- Flex Kraft
- OEM of Metal Finishing Lines
  Metal Finsihing Line Rectifiers
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