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  High Voltage Rectifiers  
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  High Voltage Rectifiers
- Powercon "SPARC" Controller
- Kraft Mk lll Controller
- Retrofit
The Transformer Rectifier ( TR ) is an IP55 oil cooled Assembly suitable for outdoor installation. The TR is designed with a conservative temperature rise and is provided with special surface treatment for extended life in ESP rooftop environments. Operating parameters and Diagnostics are conveyed to the operator through the Control Cabinet, a standard and user friendly interface for quick site deployment.

The Control Cabinet houses the Electro-
nics and Switchgear required for control of the TR. All components used are of international make.

The Control Cabinet can be supplied with Powercon "SPARC" Controller or the Kraft MK lll Controller. Optionally, the Control Cabinet can be configured for fitment of the ESP manufacturer's Controller.

  Technical Specifications:

Voltage Range : 50 kV - 140 kV (peak on ESP load).

Current Range : 150 - 3000 mA (mean).

Choice of Supply Voltages : 220 - 480 V, 50 / 60 Hz.

Choice of Horizontal / Vertical Bushing.

Option : Earthing / Disconnect Switches.

Option : Hermetically Sealed Construction.

  Key Features:

a Rugged, IP55 construction of TR for outdoor duty.
Sturdy Mechanical Design of Transformer to withstand Electro-
mechanical Forces generated during Spark conditions.
Rectifier Bridge with Avalanche Grade Diodes to withstand High Surge Voltages and Long Term Short Circuit conditions.
Control Panel with high reliability electronics and switchgear.
High Life Expectancy through Design.

ESPs (Electro - Filters) installed in :
Thermal Power Plants (Coal based).
Captive Power Plants (Bagasse & Biomass based).
Steel Plants.
Cement Plants.
Pulp and Paper Plants.
Sponge Iron Plants.
Chemical Industries.
Waste Incinerators.
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